Tour Destinations

These amazing locations are even more spectacular from above.

The Grand Canyon. Ayers Rock. The Statue of Liberty. These famous landmarks are truly impressive to see from the ground, but they are even more spectacular when witnessed from the air. A helicopter tour is an amazing way to see some of the most beautiful landmarks on earth from a new and refreshing perspective.

Anywhere that you will find a large and impressive natural or manmade monument, you will also likely find helicopter tours being offered. For example, Ayers Rock is one of the most amazing natural wonders in the world and there are helicopter tours that will take you soaring high above the desert so that you can swoop down on this enormous rock. Or, there are also helicopter tours that will hover above the busy streets of Manhattan or the sparkling lights of the Las Vegas Strip.

Every helicopter tour is different. Some will give you a thrilling perspective on an urban area, while others will take you to a remote and wild area that could not be seen any other way. Other tours will take you to a spot with a gorgeous view and treat you to a romantic picnic.

For many people there is a destination that calls to them – somewhere they have dreamed of seeing since as long as they can remember. Whether it is a famous city or a gorgeous natural landscape, seeing this place from the air is a special experience that they will never forget! Do you have a dream destination such as this? Is there somewhere that you have always dreamed about flying over in a helicopter?

Take a look at the destination overview profiles on the website for more information – we have info about helicopter tours in New Zealand, Australia, New York, Hawaii and many other locations. If you have any questions about finding the ideal helicopter tour for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.