Tour Companies

These helicopter tour companies make flightseeing a thrilling adventure.

When you are choosing a helicopter tour company to take you on this unforgettable adventure, you will quickly note that no two companies are the same. Each tour provider offers something unique, whether it is a champagne picnic in a remote location, a VIP passenger lounge, a special sunrise flight or top of the line helicopters equipped with leather seats and noise cancelling headphones.

Some providers will offer quick 20 minute flyover tours while others will have extensive packages that include lunch, activities and long in-depth flights with informative narration. Some tour companies have relationships with the local indigenous people, which allows them to land in beautiful and remote protected locations that would otherwise be out of reach. Each of the tours will give you a slightly different perspective on some of the world’s most famous landmarks – from Australia to Hawaii to New York to Las Vegas.

What these tour companies do have in common is that they are all renowned for their excellent service, positive customer feedback and high safety rankings. They all have fleets of state of the art helicopters and they strive to offer their customers a service that is not only reliable and safe, but also special and memorable.

Take a look through the many helicopter tour companies that we have featured here. Each one offers their own creative spin on the helicopter tour adventure, from night-time flights over the glittering Las Vegas strip to a heart-pounding open-door flight over a Hawaiian volcano – soaring close enough to feel the heat from the molten lava. Take the time to read through the tour company descriptions so that you can find the ideal provider for your travel style, needs and budget.