Grand Canyon South Rim Helicopter Tours

The Grand Canyon is an American icon – a natural wonder that is truly mind-boggling in beauty and scale. It is one of the most iconic tourist attractions in the USA and millions of people come from all over the world to see it every year. It’s not the deepest canyon in the world or the widest – but it is truly the most grand. The amazing colours of the rock formations and the way the sunlight falls on the craggy cliff faces is like nothing else in the world.

The best way to see the Grand Canyon is to fly above it in a helicopter, an experience that will take you 1,000 feet above the rim of the canyon. This is the best way to see the Canyon in all of its glory, so that you can get a better idea of the scale and beauty of this stunning national wonder – and take some truly impressive photos!

An Unforgettable Journey above the Grand Canyon

Soar high above the Canyon and admire the stunning views that took Mother Nature millions of years to create. The Grand Canyon is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and it is one of the most breath-taking landscapes that you will ever lay eyes on.

A helicopter ride over the South Rim of the Grand Canyon will take you over the beautiful Kaibab National Forest, which is home to the largest forest of ponderosa pines in the world. Look down and you will see the South Rim dropping away as the eastern end of the canyon comes into view – one of the most stunning views in the canyon.

From your vantage point in the air you will see the Painted Desert and the Desert View Watchtower, which was designed by the Hopi Indians. Fly over top of the Colorado River upstream to where it merges with the Little Colorado River.

Gaze down at Marble Canyon and Point Imperial as you fly over the canyon and climb high above the North Rim. Once you are on the North Rim admire the stunning bird’s eye views. Your exciting flight might even take you south down the Dragon Corridor – the deepest and widest section of the canyon.

Hover over top of the Colorado River, then soar high above the Kaibab National Forest and the South Rim – landing back at the Grand Canyon Airport. Helicopter tours have an advantage at the Grand Canyon because they are able to fly approximately 1000 feet lower than airplane tours. This exciting tour will provide you with stunning photo opportunities and views that you will never forget.

Admire This Natural Wonder From Above

Flying above this enormous chasm in a helicopter is a truly amazing travel experience that will give you a thrilling perspective on one of the world’s most amazing wonders.

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