Maverick Helicopter Tours, Kauai

Buy NowMaverick Helicopter Tours is a world-renowned tour company that offers a unique, bird’s eye touring experience mixed with on ground excursions of some of the most exciting and beautiful places in the world including Las Vegas, Maui, and The Grand Canyon. Maverick has more than nineteen years of experience in premier tourism and their consistently high standards have earn them a superb rating on TripAdvisor and one hundred percent positive reviews.

The Maverick Aviation Group owns the largest fleet of ECO-Star Helicopters on earth, even outside of the tourism industry. These helicopters are known for being comfortable and the safest option for tourism helicopters. Riders never have to worry about ear pain or not being able to hear their tour guide over the whirring of the helicopter blades because ECO-Stars are quiet and provide a relaxing experience for adult riders.

One of the best reasons to hop on board a Maverick Helicopter Tour is the amazing wraparound views provided by the helicopters. There is no bad seat or any obstructed views which allows visitors to take in all the sites around them over some of the most picturesque landscapes in America including Kauai.

Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands and is known as the Garden Isle. The lush, rugged terrain features several iconic landmarks that are only accessible via air transportation. These serene, secluded, and nearly untouched places are a once-in-a-lifetime experience to see and luckily, Maverick Helicopter Tours in Kauai provides the very best guided tour option by air.

Visitors can see some of the most sought-after environmental wonders of Kauai including the Na Pali Coast, the fourteen-mile-long Waimea Canyon and Manawaiopuna Falls which was featured in the Jurassic Park movies.

Most Popular Maverick Helicopter Tours in Kauai

Maverick Helicopter Tours offers two popular and distinct aerial tours of Kauai

Maverick Helicopters Kauai Explorer

The Kauai Explorer Tour is the most popular and longest Kauai helicopter tour. The fifty-minute flight takes off from Port Allen Airport then flies visitor over two of the most iconic landmarks of the island—Na Pali Coast and Waimea Canyon. The emerald green cliffs bordering the coast give a bright, and bold contrast to the beautiful blues of the Pacific Ocean to create a tropical paradise while inland the desert landscape of Waimea Canyon, also known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, stretches on for fourteen miles features some of the most beautiful and vibrant colors visitors will ever see. Other points of interest on this aerial tour include the Bali Hai Cliffs, Mount Makana, and Mount Waialeale where riders can witness the tropical rainforest from a bird’s eye view. Mount Waialeale is also one of the wettest places on earth and features amazing waterfalls such as Jurassic Falls.

This hour-long trip takes visitors from the Southwest Coast at Port Allen Airport all the way inland and across the island to the north west coast before heading back through the canyon to loop to the drop off point.

Maverick Helicopters Kauai Discovery

The Discovery Tour gives riders the chance to fly over the Western region of Kauai where they can view otherwise inaccessible natural wonders on the twenty-five-minute flight. Flights will depart from Port Allen Airport and proceed over Hanapepe Valley’s rich agricultural landscape bordered by mountain ranges as well as Manawaiopuna Falls which were made famous by the Jurassic Park movie franchise. Riders will also fly atop the Na Pali-Kona Forest reserve where they will take in some of the most wondrous sites of the Hawaiian Islands in Kauai—Awini Falls and Waialae Falls. Next, visitors soar along the Waimea Canyon which is known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific before landing at the drop off point back at Port Allen Airport on the southwest coast.

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