Preparing for Your Helicopter Tour

A helicopter tour is a thrilling opportunity to see the world from a different perspective and to experience the adrenaline rush of flying through the air high above a beautiful landscape. It will be an experience to remember, whether you are soaring over the Grand Canyon, the Brooklyn Bridge or Ayers Rock.

Make sure you are prepared to get the most enjoyment as for many of you it will be a once in a lifetime tour. Unless you get hooked on them like I did.

Duration of the Tour

There are many different helicopter tours to choose from, so consider whether you want a quick 15 minute flyover or a two hour journey that includes a landing and a picnic. If you are pressed for time and you want to see as much as possible during a short visit you might prefer a quick tour. Also, a shorter tour will usually be much more affordable than a longer tour – so that you can get the thrill of being in a helicopter even if you are on a small budget.

However, the advantage of a long tour is that you will get to spend much more time in the air, see more attractions and really savour the experience. You might also get a chance to land and see some remote and beautiful locations that you could not access any other way.

Where Will the Tour Go?

Usually a helicopter tour will take you over a few areas and will give you a bird’s eye view of the natural landscape, as well as some famous landmarks. Think about which sights in the area are most important to you, then look for a tour itinerary that will take you to these important attractions.

What to Wear

On a helicopter tour you should be wearing head to toe dark clothing, as light clothing will reflect in the windows and this will affect your photos. Also, make sure that you do not wear long and loose jewellery and that your hair is tied back if it is long. Don’t wear flip flops or hats.

Other than your camera, no personal items are allowed in the helicopter. If you come with a few extra items there will usually be lockers where you can leave them.

If you have a purse or bag, check with the tour company before you arrive to ask what to do. Some operators have lockers to store valuables. Others will ask that you leave it in your car or back at your hotel room.

Motion Sickness

If you are prone to motion sickness, you might want to consider this before taking a helicopter ride. Helicopters have a swooping motion and they change direction suddenly, so this can make you feel a bit queasy. However, don’t discount the possibility of a sightseeing flight just yet. You can usually counteract the effects of motion sickness by taking medicine before the journey.

Also, you should ask to sit up at the front of the helicopter as you are less likely to get sick there. You can also take a look at the weather conditions of the day – if it is windy and likely to be a particularly rough ride you can consider booking on another day.

If you have any other questions before taking a helicopter tour, please feel free to contact us.

Bathroom Breaks

One final note. There are no restrooms on a helicopter. Use the restroom before you get on. There won’t be another chance until you get back.