Serenity Helicopters Grand Canyon

Serenity Helicopters won the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for 2015, as it is one of the best tour operators in the region offering Grand Canyon flightseeing experiences. From the moment guests are picked up at their hotel in their VIP transportation to the moment they are dropped off, they are treated to top notch customer service.

This helicopter tour company also stands out from the rest because of their excellent safety record. Over 25 years they have had a perfect safety record, which is due to the top-notch aircraft maintenance personnel and the professional and skilled pilots. This flawless safety record has set the standards for the rest of the industry and when it comes to inspections – “If it isn’t perfect – it doesn’t fly.”

The pilots at Serenity are not just capable of flying the helicopter, they are also skilled at customer service and entertaining guests. They are carefully chosen for their ability to make guests feel safe and happy and educate them on the history, geography and fascinating stories of the area.

Serenity Helicopters Popular Grand Canyon Tours

These are a few of the helicopter tours offered by Serenity Helicopters in Nevada. There are more tours to choose from than are listed here, so visit their website for more information about all of the tours available.

Serenity Helicopters Sky Dancer Landing and Picnic

This is the most popular tour that Serenity Helicopters has to offer and it includes a flight over Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam and the Grand Wash Cliffs on the way to the Grand Canyon. You will land 4,000 feet below the rim at the private landing site where you will enjoy a champagne picnic lunch. These amazing landscapes are stunning at sunset, when the glowing light makes it look like the red rocks are on fire.
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Serenity Helicopters Day Star Air Only Tour

If you simply want to experience the majesty of the Grand Canyon from the air, this is the ideal tour. It will fly over the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and the Grand Wash Cliffs as it travels to the stunning Grand Canyon. The helicopter will fly into and through the amazing canyon, giving you spectacular views of this natural wonder.

Serenity Helicopters Sunset Tour and Dinner

This luxurious tour is a true VIP experience. You will fly over the Grand Canyon West Rim, the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, then you will land on the West Rim of the Canyon for a gourmet sit-down dinner. You would swear that were dining at a five star restaurant, as the cuisine is superb (choose from beef bourguignon, chicken cordon bleu or white lasagna) and the table is set with table linens, china, silverware and flowers. Enjoy your meal while watching the sun set over the canyon.
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