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Buy NowAfter the TransCanyon Pipeline was completed, the founder of Papillon Helicopters discovered that visitors to the area were awe-struck by the beautiful views of the area that are only available from the air. He created this company in order to share the beautiful views of the Grand Canyon with visitors from all around the world.

Papillon has the distinction of being the largest fleet of sightseeing aircraft on earth, with a range of aircraft that has been chosen to meet the specific needs of each tour.

The luxurious helicopters used by this tour company include wraparound windows, so no matter where you sit you will enjoy a fantastic view of the landscapes below. The high end helicopters also offer air conditioning, multi-language narration systems and passenger to passenger communications. The Grand Canyon Tours are available in 11 different languages, including Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, French, Dutch, Cantonese, Mandarin, German, England and Korean.

As well as offering tours of the Grand Canyon, Papillon also offers trips to other nearby attractions such as the Techatticup Gold Mine and Mill and Eldorado Canyon. Special trips are available, such as tours that include a champagne breakfast at the bottom of the canyon.

Papillon Helicopter Popular Grand Canyon Tours

These are a few of the helicopter tours offered by Papillon Helicopter Tours in Nevada. There are more tours to choose from than are listed here, so visit their website for more information about all of the tours available. In general the best discounts are given if you book at least a week in advance. Best prices are always online.

Papillon Helicopters Grand Celebration Tour

This amazing tour will offer you stunning panoramic views of the Grand Wash Cliffs, the Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon West and Grapevine Mesa. After soaring through these incredible rock formations you will land at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, 4,000 feet below the rim. At the canyon bottom enjoy a champagne picnic with time to walk around.
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Papillon Helicopter Golden Eagle Tour

This trip encompasses some of the most thrilling natural and manmade wonders of the Grand Canyon, including Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam. The tour begins in Boulder City and will take you soaring and swooping like a bird over the canyon and the surrounding sights.
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Papillon Helicopter North Canyon Tour

This thrilling tour departs from Tusayan, Arizona for a thrilling 25-30 minute flight over the gorgeous Grand Canyon and the Kaibab National Forest. You’ll get to see the deepest and widest area of the Canyon – nearly 11 miles across and a mile deep. The pilot will make a loop so that no matter which side of the helicopter you are sitting on you will enjoy amazing views. You’ll also get to see the Colorado River, the Tower of Ra and the Dragon Corridor.
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Papillon Helicopters Imperial Tour with Ecostar

Enjoy breath-taking views of the Eastern gorge of the Grand Canyon while you soar over it in a luxurious EcoStar EC130 Helicopter. This helicopter has forward facing stadium seating and a 180 degree field of view, so you will be able to enjoy stunning views of the eastern portion of the Grand Canyon, the North Rim of the Canyon and the Dragon Corridor.
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Papillon also has other discounts including show tickets and more tours on sale. Some tourist attraction discounts are given to all customers after you checkout online. See more discounts on Papillon:
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