Air Maui Helicopters

Air Maui is owned by Steve Egger, the Chief Pilot and he trains every pilot to very high exacting standards. One of the perks of flying with this company is that your pilot is not just flying the helicopter, but they are also your personal guide – providing you with entertaining commentary about the flora, fauna, history and geology of Maui as you soar above these lush and beautiful landscapes.

Air Maui boasts a very impressive safety record – over 25 years of absolutely no accidents or incidents. This is due to the top notch aircraft maintenance personnel and factory-trained mechanics.

This helicopter tour company flies the best touring helicopter in the world, the American Euro copter ASTAR. This superb helicopter offers air conditioning, a roomy and comfortable cabin, comfortable leather seats and high quality noise reducing headsets. These helicopters offer passengers a smooth and comfortable ride as well as excellent unobstructed 180 degree views from every seat.

The helicopter is also equipped with a video system that will record your tour so that Air Maui can produce a video souvenir for you with background music and narrations.

Air Maui Helicopters Popular Tours

These are a few of the helicopter tours offered by Air Maui Helicopters. There are more tours to choose from than are listed here, so visit their website for more information about all of the tours available.

Air Maui Helicopters West Maui Tour and Molokai Special

This unique tour is only offered by Air Maui, a unique 45 minute adventure that will take you soaring over the craggy ridges and deep valleys of the wild and beautiful West Maui Mountains. The north shore of Molokai is impossible to get to any other way, so this is your only chance to see these grand sea cliffs and cascading waterfalls.
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Air Maui Helicopters Hana and Haleakala East Maui Tour

This exciting 45 minute flight will take you to some of the most famous natural wonders in lush tropical East Maui, including Haleakala Crate and the green rainforests, deep valleys and spectacular waterfalls of Hana. This is the best way to see the stunning sights of Maui and get a sense of the amazing scale of this stunningly beautiful paradise island.
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Air Maui Helicopters Complete Island Tour

This tour takes in the best of both East and West Maui and then will take you deep into the isolated interior of the West Maui Mountains. There is no place on earth quite like this, with lush green valleys and steep vertical ridges carved into the old volcano. You’ll see some truly pristine and unspoiled landscapes on this unforgettable 60 minute tour that will make you feel like you have discovered a remote lost Eden.
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