Maverick Helicopters Maui Rainforest Experience

The Hana Rainforest Experience in Maui is a 40-minute flight in an ECO-Star helicopter over the picturesque sea cliffs, lush rainforest, and breathtaking waterfalls that have made Maui a renowned tourist destination for years. Tours are available for one to eight passengers.

During the Maui helicopter tour, you will see the shorelines of Paia, Hookipa, Haiku, and the JAWS Surf destination. Guests will even be able to see distant views of the only active volcano in Maui—Haleakala. Other historic sites that your tour guide will point out include the Road to Hana and Jurassic Rock which is the landing destination for the helicopter in the middle of the rainforest.

After landing, visitors will hop off the helicopter for a 30-minute hike through the old taro plantation found in the Wailua Valley. Your pilot doubles as your hiking guide and will offer a detailed history of the plantation and rainforest ecosystem. Participants will get to explore Banana and coconut tree groves and take in the scents and beauty of the tropical paradise the Hana Rainforest offers. You’ll end the tour with a champagne toast before flying back to the Kahului Heliport Pad.

What You Need to Bring on the Maverick Helicopter:

All passengers over 18 years old must have a valid ID.

You should also bring sunglasses, sunscreen, proper foot attire for hiking in the rainforest, one bottle of water per person, and a camera.

Visitors should be prepared to pay a ticket fee, fuel surcharge fee, and additional fees for heavy weight. All children over the age of two years old will need to purchase a seat.

Things to Know:

Maverick Helicopters Maui is found in the Kahului Heliport, near the Kahului Airport. If using GPS navigation, please enter – Lelepio Pl, Kahului, Hawaii 96732. There is no ground transportation for helicopter tours in Hawaii, so guests need to arrange transportation with their hotel concierge or on their own to and from the Kahului Heliport.

There are no restrooms in the Hana Rainforest. Please use the facilities before boarding your flight.

Parking at the heliport is self-pay and accepts Visa, MasterCard and exact cash. Give yourself a little extra time for this. It took me a while to get it to work right.

If you are scuba diving, please be aware that you must wait at least 24 hours being flying in a helicopter or airplane.

Sites to See on the Maui Rainforest Tour

Paia– Fly over tranquil Paia where locals and travelers enjoy amazing restaurants, local artist galleries, surf shops, and Maui tourism on the northern coast. Paia is the first town at the beginning of the historic Road to Hana and is known for their windsurfing destinations.

Hookipa Beach– Fly over one of the most famous windsurfing sites in the world and maybe even see some of the action yourself. Hookipa Beach is on the Northern coast of Maui and is also a great spot for SCUBA diving and snorkeling because of the coral reef system that cross the bay.

Haiku– The tiny jungle town is located just off Hana Highway and is home to a cleansing spa and spiritual retreat center called The Temple of Peace Maui. It’s definitely a place worth visiting when you’re back on the ground.

JAWS Surf destination– Pe’ahi is the largest surf break in Maui and also called the JAWS surf break. The Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Surf Competition has consistently named the JAWS break as best in the world for several years running. This break shows up between November and March each year and the entrance is off the Hana Highway.

Haleakala– While you won’t get too close to the East Maui Volcano, you will be able to see distant views of the peak of the mountain that forms three fourths of the island.

Road to Hana– When you’re exploring Maui by ground transportation, The Road to Hanna, or Hanna Highway, is the best way to do it. The road is marked by spots of legend and historic sites, villages, and iconic beaches. Flying over the place of Maui myths give you a whole new perspective on the landscape and culture.

Jurassic Rock– The beautiful rock found off the coast and only visible from the Garden of Eden Botanical Gardens on the Road to Hanna, or from helicopter! The valley helicopters must fly through to find the rock is lined with magnificent waterfalls and formations that can only be explored by air.

Wailua Valley State Wayside Park- This State Park is home to the former rubber plantation that visitors will get to explore during their thirty-minute stopover for on the ground exploration.

About the Maui Rainforest

The Maui Rainforest is dispersed across the island but particularly concentrated around the West Maui Mountains in the North and Mount Haleakala in the center. The steep terrain has created some of the highest waterfalls in the world and 6,000 feet of mountains that tower above the sea level.

The tropical rainforest is home to hundreds of plants and animal species, all protected under the thick, green Koa tree canopy. Other plant species that make up the rainforest include ferns, shrubs, and nonnative plants such as eucalyptus, coffee, bamboo, guava, and ginger that all grow plentiful in Maui now. Keep your eyes peeled for Mongoose, Nene Goose, Pueo, and Chameleons, among other reptiles and amphibians while you are hiking through the exclusive landing site area of Maverick Helicopter’s Maui Rainforest Experience.

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