Sydney Helicopter Tours

Sydney, Australia is an incredibly good looking city. It is surrounded by lush green national parks, sandy beaches and rugged Pacific coastline and its stunning harbour is filled with impressive architecture including the famous white concrete “shells” of the Sydney Opera House and the huge Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The best way to see the entire city and truly admire its beauty is to take a helicopter tour. Flying over this Australian metropolis in a helicopter will be a breath-taking thrill and one of the highlights of your travels Down Under.

A Bird’s Eye View of the Sydney Skyline

On a helicopter tour of Sydney, Australia you will see many of the most iconic landmarks in the city, including the famous Sydney Opera House, Darling Harbour, the Circular Quay, the Central Business District, The Sydney Tower and the Central Railway Station. The famous clam-shell –like structure of the Sydney Opera House is unmissable and during your flight you can snap some great photos of this iconic building from the air. Sydney Town Hall is an impressive 1880s landmark Victorian building and the Queen Victoria Building also stands out with its enormous dome and large mechanical clocks. You’ll also see the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the tallest steel arch bridge in the world.

There are many Sydney tours available from several different helicopter companies, each offering you a slightly varied perspective on the city. Depending on the tour you could be up in the air for 15 minutes or longer, soaring over the Sydney Harbour and getting a bird’s eye view of the other famous attractions in the city.

You might also fly over Manly Beach and admire this long stretch of sand, always filled with sunbathers on a hot day! Some tours will even take you all the way to the Eastern suburb beaches, including Maroubra and Bondi. Your knowledgeable guide will give you interesting anecdotes and facts about the city as you fly over these famous landmarks.

Admire This Gorgeous City from Above

Sydney, Australia is a beautiful city surrounded by sparkling blue water and sandy beaches and filled with unique architecture and famous landmarks. A helicopter tour is a fantastic way to see the city, as you will be able to soar over these attractions and admire them from above.

Helicopters have large windows, offering you the best view possible of everything below. Also, unlike a plane they are able to swoop, hover, ascend, descend and manoeuvre through the air. Your expert pilot will fly up and down through the city to get you as close as possible to some of the most famous landmarks. You’ll get a much closer look at Sydney and it’s beautiful landmarks than you would if you were flying over it in a plane.

Are you planning to take a helicopter tour of Sydney on your travels around Australia? To find out more about your options for this unforgettable experience, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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