Ayers Rock Helicopters Australia

Buy NowTo truly experience the vastness of Australia’s landscapes the best way to sightsee is via helicopter tour. Ayers Rock Helicopters has a very long and distinguished history of operating in Australia. They are dedicated to offering their passengers the highest levels of customer service and safety and it is this attention to detail that makes them stand out from the rest.

As well as providing exclusive scenic flights and helicopter tours, they also offer a range of services that include photography, transfers, search and rescue, surveys and much more. The pilots are also highly knowledgeable tour guides and they will entertain passengers with fascinating stories about the unique and beautiful Australian landscapes.

Ayers Rock Helicopters operates from Ayers Rock and Kings Creek Station and they normally operate a fleet of four helicopters, three Robinson R44s and one Bell 206 Jetranger. The Robinson R44 is a popular scenic helicopter that can carry up to three passengers and is well suited to sightseeing charters and scenic flights. The Jetranger can carry up to four passengers and is the preferred machine for photography, survey work, filming and long range charters. This helicopter is also well suited for photography as passengers are able to open the windows to avoid reflections.

As well as offering exclusive charters, Ayers Rock Helicopters also offers a range of services which include photography, transfers, filming, search & rescue and much more. It is possible to put together a unique tour that is tailor made to your needs, so contact them for more information.

Popular Ayers Rock Helicopter Tours

These are the helicopter tours offered by Ayers Rock Helicopters in Australia. Visit their website for more information about all of the tours available.

Ayers Rock Helicopters Rock Blasting – 15 minutes

This is the quintessential Ayers Rock tour – a round trip flight to Uluru. It includes a flight over the township of Yulara and the surrounding sights.

Ayers Rock Helicopters Uluru-Kata Tjuta Flight – 30 minutes

This is an amazing and unforgettable round trip flight to Uluru/Ayers Rock as well as Kata Tjuta and The Olgas. There is also an extended version of this flight which lasts an extra six minutes so that you have a little bit longer to take photos and admire the views.
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Ayers Rock Helicopters Tour of the Giants – 120 minutes

On this epic long flight you will have the opportunity to see three amazing rock formations – Ayers Rock (Uluru), Kata Tjuta/The Olgas and Mt. Conner.

Ayers Rock Helicopters Lizard Safari – 55 minutes

This amazing trip will take you on a journey to Uluru/Ayers Rock so that you can admire the gorgeous views of this famous landmark. You will also fly over Lake Amadeus and Kata Tjuta/The Olgas.
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Ayers Rock Helicopters King Canyon – 108 minutes

Take an unforgettable flight to Kings Canyon from Ayers Rock and return across this naturally stunning landscape.


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