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Buy NowMakani Kai Helicopters was founded in 1988 and is the largest and most experienced helicopter tour company on the island of Oahu. It is owned by Richard Schuman, whose family has been in the transportation business for more than 100 years. Schuman Carriage was founded in 1893 to provide horse and carriage transportation in Oahu. As transport evolved into vehicles and then helicopters the company changed and adapted. Schuman Carriage closed down in 2006 but the family carries on in the transport industry to this day.

The firm began almost three decades ago with a single Hughes 500 helicopter and since then they have grown to a considerable fleet. The company operates from a purpose built facility at 130 Iolana Place at the Honolulu International Airport, a beautiful two story expansion created in 2008.

Safety is a priority and this company has remained accident free throughout its entire history. It’s rigorous flight and safety training has always been a high priority and it is the recipient of the Platinum Safety Award by the Helicopter Association International. All pilots have flown for at least one thousand hours and have passed numerous safety qualifications.

Makani Mai Helicopter Tours offers a Doors Off Adventure, which is a thrilling experience that is not for the faint of heart.

Makani Kai Helicopter Popular Tours

These are a few of the helicopter tours offered by Makani Mai Helicopter Tours in Oahu. There are more tours to choose from than are listed here, so visit their website for more information about all of the tours available.

Makani Kai Helicopter Doors Off Tour

Feel the wind whipping through your hair as you experience a thrilling Doors Off Helicopter adventure on the famous MD-500 Helicopter from the Magnum PI Television series. This 50 minute tour will show you the most beautiful landscapes of Oahu and give you a truly memorable travel experience that is not for those who are afraid of heights!
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Makani Kai Helicopter The Hidden Oahu Tour

This amazing tour covers some of the must-see attractions of Oahu, including the world famous Waikiki Beach, the Ala Moana Beach Park, Magic Island, Honolulu Harbor and the serene Keehi Lagoon.On the Eastern end of the island you will find Hanauma Bay and the remnants of a volcanic crater that has been turned into a marine sanctuary and popular snorkelling spot. You will also soar high over Sandy Beach, Makapuu Point and Sea Life Park and you will also visit the amazing “Jurassic Park” valley where many major motion pictures have been filmed. The thrilling tour highlight will be a visit to Sacred Falls, which is a shear and beautiful 1,000 foot waterfall that will take your breath away.
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