Maverick Helicopter Maui: Maui Spirit

Visitors to Maui will never experience the island the same way as they will from the air! Maverick Helicopters Maui is the perfect aerial tour to see the exquisite landscapes that the Hawaiian Islands are known for including the Hana Rainforest, Molokai Island Sea Cliffs, and the Haleakala Crater, among other natural wonders.

Maverick Helicopters Maui Spirit Overview

This stunning aerial tour above eastern Maui is an hour-long flight that includes spectacular views of Haleakala Crater and the Hana Rainforest. Fliers will also soar over the National Park, famous volcano, Jurassic Rock, Jaws Surf Area, and waterfalls that are only accessible via air travel. Visitors to Maui will be able to see sites that are so isolated they can only be seen from above if they choose this Maui helicopter tour.

This tour is extremely comfortable, and riders will fly in ECO-Star helicopters which are highly rated and extremely safe. These helicopters are designed for tourism to provide passengers with the very best views possible for an unforgettable experience.

What You Need to Bring

Riders are encouraged to bring bottled water, wear sunscreen, comfortable shoes and clothing.

Bring a camera to take pictures of your aerial tour.

Riders should also bring a photo ID as riders must be 18+ to participate.

What You Need to Know

Maverick uses the EC130 & H130 ECO-Star helicopters which are designed for tourism.

There is no shuttle service provided by Maverick for tours in Hawaiian Islands destinations.

Helicopters an accommodate up to seven guests. Private flights can be reserved by booking all seven seats.

Riders will sit in assigned seats based on ideal weight balance for efficient and ideal flying situations.

There is a maximum weight limit of 300 pounds per passenger and total weight on the helicopter cannot exceed 1240 pounds.

There is no photography allowed on the airport ramp; however, riders are encouraged to take photographs on all other parts of the tour.

MavStar language translation devices are available for non-English speaking riders.

Service Animals are not allowed on flights according to Title 14 of The Code of Federal Regulations, Part 382.117.

Pregnant women can ride but should consult with their physicians first.

Sites to See on The Maui Spirit Tour

This Maui Spirit Tour focuses on some of the most beautiful places in Eastern Maui that are untouched and only accessible by air. This once-in-a-lifetime experience includes natural wonders such as:

Paia– Fly over tranquil Paia where locals and travelers enjoy amazing restaurants, local artist galleries, surf shops, and Maui tourism on the northern coast. Paia is the first town at the beginning of the historic Road to Hanna and is known for their windsurfing destinations.

Haiku– The tiny jungle town is located just off Hana Highway and is home to a cleansing spa and spiritual retreat center called The Temple of Peace Maui. It’s a place worth visiting when you’re back on the ground.

Makawao– Known for being the hub of “Upcountry,” Makawao is a rural, agricultural area with the Makawao Forest Reserve in the northeast. 

Keanae– The Village of Keanae is found on the Keanae Peninsula on the Road to Hana. The black lava shores feature a stone church dating back to 1856. The area is covered in lush green landscape against the turquoise waters and North Shore waves.

Hana– Located on the eastern coast of Maui, Hana is reached by the world-famous Road to Hana highway which stretches 52 miles along the northern shore. Access is also available by boat. Some of the best points of interest in Hana include Pi’i-lani Temple, Kahanu Garden, Hana Beach Park, and Pailoa Bay, among many other cultural sites.

Haleakala Crater– The most popular natural attraction in Upcountry Maui, the Haleakala Crater is found in the Marui central valley and features some of the most stunning flora and fauna, some of which grows nowhere else in the world. The crater is part of Haleakala National Park.

Kula– This area of Maui is where many of the fulltime residents of Maui live and is less touristy than the towns that are closer to sea level. Some popular sites in Kula include the botanical gardens, the dormant volcano Haleakala, and the Holy Ghost Catholic Church.

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