Bell 206 Helicopter

This American-made aircraft is a modern commercial option from a company with a heritage primarily devoted to manufacturing fighter aircraft. The Bell 206 umbrella actually encompasses a number of different helicopter models, characterized by dual blades and single or double engines. The most common versions are the Ranger models.

The Bell 206 Ranger is popular for a variety of civilian and military uses, but is a less common option among touring helicopter companies due to smaller windows and a relatively noisier ride. To compensate for the noise however, many touring companies offer headset-based audio narration with noise-cancelling headphones.

Most models seat between 4 and 6 passengers in bench-style seating, with “Vista View” windows that offer better picture-taking opportunities than a non-commercial iteration of the aircraft typically has. There may also be some seating that faces backwards, potentially impacting views.

Maximum speeds on the Bell 206 top out around 130 miles per hour, making this a somewhat slower helicopter than other models as well. This wouldn’t typically affect a commercial touring experience, however, as aircraft will often slow down to allow for photography or targeted narration.

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