Hughes MD500 Helicopter

This model is a lightweight option from MD Helicopters with both civilian and military applications. The Hughes MD500 umbrella actually encompasses a variety of models which have been used for an array of purposes. While the standard model is on the smaller side, touring models usually include seating for between 3 and 5 passengers.

At only a little over 8 feet high, this is also one of the smallest aircraft among commercial touring companies, making it best suited for maneuvering in difficult or hard-to-reach terrain. With typical cruising speeds around 140-150 miles per hour, this helicopter is also quite fast and agile. It’s well equipped for flying at low elevations, too, for close-up views.

One of the best features of the Hughes MD500 is actually its small size. Because of the diminutive size of the helicopter, each passenger will get world-class views with ideal picture-taking opportunities.

Without any real noise-minimizing technology, the Hughes MD500 is among the louder commercial helicopters. To compensate for operation noise, however, passengers should be able to expect headset-based audio communication from the pilot.

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